Covid-19 Vaccinations

COVID-19 vaccinations have commenced for some of our higher risk patients; relatively speaking we are alot further ahead than many other primary care networks in County Durham.  Currently, vaccine supply is not consistent and sometimes short notice is given by the co-ordinators of its arrival.  Please do not contact us to book a vaccination unless we have requested you to (by text or letter); be assured that we will contact you directly when it is your turn to have the jab.

The Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisations set out a co-ordinated vaccination plan which we will honour.  The current status is as follows:

Cohort Description Status
1 Care Home Residents for older adults and their carers. Contacted.
2 >80 years old & Frontline Health and Social Care Workers Contacted.
3 75 - 79 year olds Contacted.
4 >70 years old and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals. Contacted.
5 >65 years old. Contacted.
6 16 - 64 with underlying health conditions. Contacted.
7 >60 years old. Contacted.
8 >55 years old. Contacted.
9 >50 years old. Contacted.
10 >40 years old. Contacted.
11 >30 years old. Contacted.
12 >18 years old. Contacted.
Please be aware of scams; this is a free vaccination and the NHS will not require any payment for this service.