Allow 72hrs Before Collecting Prescriptions

All patients are advised that they should expect to wait up to 72 hours (3 working days) for their prescriptions.  We are receiving feedback from our pharmacy partners that they are seeing an increasing trend in patients presenting earlier than this asking for their prescription.  Please consider the 72 hour rule and order your repeat prescription in advance to accommodate this.

Housebound Patient's Repeat Prescription Line

Some patients are classed as 'clinically housebound' if they are deemed unable to leave their home environment through physical and/or psychological illness by a doctor.  These patients can still order their repeat prescriptions by calling 01325318697.

If you are not housebound (i.e. you can leave your home) then you are sadly not eligible for this service.  You can order a repeat prescription by using your NHS App on your smartphone, use your online account, or put your prescription counterfoil into our prescription request boxes found at our front door (you can also post these out of hours using our external hatch/post box at our front door).